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    Here at ROSA GOLD, monogrammed blanket scarves are our jam.  We're obsessed (in a good way) and committed to creating products that you'll absolutely adore!

    We LOVE making it personal, and our carefully designed scarves, mixed with modern fonts, allow you to create an accessory that's built just for you!

    And if you're treating your bestie (or your Momma), we're certain our scarves will make you a total gift-giving hero.  Don't believe us? Check out some customer love here. 

    Most importantly though, we're a company that gives back.  Right from the start, ROSA GOLD baked compassion into it's business model, so a portion of all profits goes straight to education and environmental based charities (You can find out more about that here).

    We hope you enjoy wrapping up in ROSA GOLD as much as we enjoy creating each and every piece.  We're making this stuff for you, and you’re making a difference by wearing it.



    ROSA GOLD was conceived on a whirlwind adventure through Asia in 2014. Founder & perpetual travel junkie, Kirsten La Greca, returned home with a new perspective AND inspired AF (and... let's be honest...craving some pizza).

    The trip left her wanting to start a business that allowed her to express her pent-up creativity, but also give back to the world.  So from humble Etsy beginnings, the side-hustle formally known as Marigold Bazaar, was born.  

    After about 2 years, Kirsten wanted the biz (and giving) to grow, so in June 2016, she re-named it ROSA GOLD, and launched this very site you're on today (Thanks for being here btw)!

    Since then, it's been a beautiful whirlwind, and Kirsten was recently named one of Hudson County’s Women to Watch in 2017.

    She runs ROSA GOLD while maintaining a career in television, so needless to say, in her spare time, she loves... well running ROSA GOLD.  But when there is a hot second to spare, lemonade, travel, yoga and magic (yep, as in magicians. cool right?) are some of her favorite things.  



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